Axel Scarl




Wide range of action
Axel Scarl, who has been operating in Rome for years, has over time, expanded and articulated its offer, providing ever-growing and innovative services. The strong diversification of supply and the multidisciplinarity have allowed us to cross and expand our boundaries more and more, thus increasing our range in the region as well as our users, in the service management company landscape.
License and Certification
The technicians, the professionals and the consultants who are part of our corporate structure have all the certifications and licenses that give them a high standard of specialization and qualification. Our staff guarantees the highest level of care, and meticulousness. We demand our staff to express all their human and professional resources both in the public and private sector, being fundamental the mutual trust established with the client.
Axel Scarl Roma
Clienti soddisfatti
We design and realize cutting-edge and innovative solutions in many areas. We always focus on specific and particular issues, such as the ecological and environmental aspects, offering our customers a wide range of services designed to meet every specific requirement or need. This is the reason why we use eco-friendly and high quality materials, in full compliance with the current rational use of energy. Relying on us means choosing excellence, quality and efficiency.
Know-how and skills
We constantly invest into technological equipment and human resources. Our staff is subjected at very accurate selection giving special attention to aspects such as competence, know-how, in terms of professionalism and experience, and way of being as dedication, passion and commitment that the person reserves for its job. Sharing know-how is the key to achieve all business goals.