Green maintenance

Welcome to the Axel Scarl Blog devoted to our customers and to those who will want to know more about us and rely on our expertise in green maintenance. We want to share with you our knowledge and innovations to offer you the best of services and guarantee you unique results. We wish you a good read with Axel Scarl.

Periodic green maintenance is important both for the health of your plants and for obtaining good aesthetic results. The care of your garden is fundamental, and if you do not have time we will think about it. We also deal with the maintenance of public

and private green spaces, large green areas through periodic interventions and agreed with the customer depending on the needs of their space.

We have all the necessary precision equipment to work with care and attention and make your garden a lovely place. The best period to perform maintenance is during the spring season when the plants grow and you have to remove grassy felt, cut grass , prune shrubs, rebuild flowerbeds and perform many other treatments that will make your green spaces lovely and cozy places to live and share with your friends during relaxing moments. The experience gained over time has allowed us to improve our performance and delivery of this service. For more information visit our website at, we will be happy to provide you with all the free advice you need.

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