Rome Civil and Industrial cleaning


Civil cleaning

If you need civil and industrial cleaning services in Rome, Axel is the ideal solution for you! It is a service dedicated to shopping areas, business, workplaces, sport facilities, public and private authority, universities, airports, canteens, hotels.
We hygienize all those place that require high standards of cleaning using machines and specific products according to CE standards. We guarantee excellent service and maximum security while eliminating all forms of dirty. We keep ordinary and extraordinary cleaning even in flat complex, shops, cafés, restaurants, offices even after a renovation or move.
Large environments, though seemingly clean, always require hygienic maintenance by professionals in the industry to avoid the risk of infections and illnesses. Trust in industry professionals!
Industrial systems cleaning

Very important are industrial cleaning, as they are high-risk places where nestle all kind of germs and bacteria, and therefore need more detailed and accurate intervention. Unlike civil flats, where hygiene maintenance programming is easier, in industrial areas it is necessary to redefine the intervention. In fact, it is important to have the right equipment and staff to do all the needed operations without interfering with the workmanship of the plant. We want to safeguard the environment from the attack of pathogenic microorganisms that can threaten the health of workers and citizens. In particular, food industries must prevent the spread of bacteria in processing and storage facilities to avoid contamination in foods.
Pulizie civili e industriali Roma
Pulizie industriali