Rome guardian service


We started offering guardian services in Rome only for warehouses and offices, but over time we have been able to expand the range of offers by guaranteeing our presence also in construction sites, airports, ports, shopping centers, tourist villages where there is very high flow of people and proper access and exit control requires great competence and particular order.
We offer our clients guarding and access control services at the construction sites, unarmed surveillance to warehouses, industries, parks, flat complex with mail sorting and related activities.
And also concierge in hotels, welcoming in stores even at specific times, such as during Christmas and New Year holidays, during sales, if our customers need this service.

We are able to provide you with more and more varied proposals. Thanks to this we have expanded our professional horizons by operating not only in the capital, but also in the regional setting. Our staff is constantly trained gaining high standards of qualification. Any place, public or private, with the surveillance systems proposed by Axel Scarl will be safe. Our staff has the requested certifications and qualifications to handle every situation and is instructed to ensure the highest level of attention and control in the most frequented places where it increases the risk of danger for citizenship.
We work hard on selecting our staff because we are fully aware that people's security comes first of all.

Guardiania Roma